Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Sponsor Spotlight 2

Today I will be introducing you to a couple more of my sponsors. You should stop by their blogs & say hi!

Hi Blog Friends!

I'm a twenty-something newly married girl living in beautiful Indianapolis, IN. Home of Super Bowl 2012 - yay baby!! I went to college at the University of Indianapolis and graduated in 2007 with a major in Marketing. 

I've had a lot of blogging experience - not only do I read a lot of blogs, but I used to work for a blogging software company and had to blog quite a bit! And truth be told, I miss it a little bit and that is what has sparked my interest in starting this blog. I love to spend time with our yellow lab, Libby, traveling, working out, reading, planning and organizing, and my most recent obsession - crafting!

I am always on the go, and rarely do I have any patience! :) My husband and I are somewhat newlyweds (married for almost 3 years - not sure how long you can have that newlywed title), we moved into our first home in 2010 and I feel like I'm still decorating and making it "ours", but I'm loving every minute of it.

My husband, my brother in-law, and myself have a marketing consulting and business development company - I love working from home and being responsible for something that we built! Now I know what you're thinking - is it hard working with your husband and family? Nope, they make it easy! We are growing rapidly and that has been the main focus in our lives for some time now - even though we always seem busy, I wouldn't change it!

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Hi there!  I’m Lindsay, and I’m the lady behind Trial By Sapphire.  My blog is still fairly new, and I find that it's always evolving.  Other than documenting life, I love to write about green living and general food for thought. I would love for you to visit sometime!  Other than blogging, I like yoga, Pilates, Skype, tea, singing, musical theatre, service work, and learning about veg/veganism.

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